Gas Regulating and Metering Station

Newburgh, NY


Central Hudson Gas & Electric


Process Piping


Power Plant

  • Armistead Mechanical acted as general contractor for the Roseton Power Generating Plant managing civil, electrical, mechanical and painting work.
  • The existing regulator station was replaced with a larger capacity regulator and metering station which reduced the main pressure from 750 psi down to 120 psi.
  • The piping we installed to feed natural gas to the plant included sizes of 30” down to 1” and more than 800 x-ray quality welds.
  • Nearly 95% of the heavy wall pipe for the job was prefabricated in our own shop.
  • Our installation also included two high pressure gas boilers, valving, and a high pressure gas separator.
  • The six-month scheduled was completed on time.